Chiara Fullbuster is an 8 year-old Mage of the Future Fairy Tail Guild, the youngest daughter of Ice-Make/Devil Slayer Future Gray Fullbuster and Future Juvia Lockser, and the younger sister of Jenny and Sam Fullbuster.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Chiara's appearance is that of a typical, 8-year old child and has the physical traits of a small child. She does however, bare a striking resemblance to her mother, though she has bright blue eyes and night black hair that is tied in a single ponytail, while several strands of hair frame her face. Her blue, Fairy Tail guild mark is just on the back, left side of her neck.

Chiara wears a blue-colored version of the "Little Red Riding Hood" styled-cloak that extends to her knees, that also has decorative fox ears with white tips on the hood. Over this is a white, short-sleeved button-down shirt, and blue, knee-length skirt. She also wears a pair of black, knee-length socks and kid-styled, light-colored sneakers.


Chiara takes after her late mother; she is very free-spirited, optimistic and cheerful with a happy expression to match, which in fact, obviously matches that of a typical 8 year-old child.




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