Jenny Fullbuster is a 19 year-old Mage of the Future Fairy Tail Guild, the eldest daughter of Ice-Make/Devil Slayer Future Gray Fullbuster and Future Juvia Lockser, and the older sister of Sam and Chiara Fullbuster.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Jenny is a beautiful young woman of average height. She shares many traits to her mother, such as her slim yet curvaceous body, head shape (including nose and jawline), dark blue eyes, and her blue hair, with the hair cut like Juvia's when she first joined Fairy Tail, except with a short braid that started at the base of her head. Her light-blue Fairy Tail guild mark is on the back of her left hand.

Jenny wears a white poncho with a series of blue bars running along the bottom, a knee-length skirt with two small slits in the sides that can be seen beneath the poncho, a brown sash to hold the skirt, and a pair of light-colored, laced-up sandals.


In contrast to her blunt brother and happy-go-lucky sister, Jenny is more of a mature and responsible individual. She handles situations correctly and tends to act like a mother towards her two troublemaking siblings. Although, she does care about her family and friends to a very high degree, willing to even give her life in a desperate situation.




Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Enhanced Durability:

Breathe Underwater:

Great Magic Power:


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