Layla Dragneel is a 17 year-old, 4th Generation Fire Dragon Slayer, the daughter of Fire Dragon Slayer Future Natsu Dragneel and Future Lucy Heartfilia, a Mage of the Future Fairy Tail Guild, and the fraternal twin sister of Igneel Dragneel. She was named after Lucy's late mother.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Layla is an attractive teenage girl of below average height, with a slim, curvaceous body. Layla bears a striking resemblance to her mother, such as her light skin, face and eye shape, brown irises, and blonde long hair, though she also inherited the highlights of her father's pink hair on her own, while her hair is kept back in two pigtails. Her pink Fairy Tail guild mark is just below her right thigh.

Despite her mother's own outfit changes, Layla mainly wears a sleeveless blue and white collared shirt with a black, elbow-length shirt underneath it. She also wears a blue short skirt held by a brown leather belt with large buckles, along with a pair of black, knee-length socks and black combat boots, as well as wearing a blue bandanna that's tied around her neck.

Whenever wearing the Celestial Spirit Armor given by the Celestial Spirit Knight, Layla's attire is now different: she wears an armored chest plate that covers her upper chest and reveals a slight portion of her buxom bust, as well as exposing her abdomen. While the armor exposes her shoulders, she wears armor that covers her hands, forearms and elbows. She still wears her skirt, though she has strips of armor attached to it. She also wore armor that covers from her knees to her feet for footwear. Her hairstyle is slightly different as well, as she now ties her hair in a long braid that reached the middle of her back.


In contrast to her well-mannered and serious older brother, Layla takes up after her father. She is carefree, devil-may-care, and hot-headed, and, despite her constant brawls with her friends (something that she does frequently to pass some kill time), she is a very loyal and caring friend, willing to go down to protect the ones she loves, despite the futility of how pointless it is.



Fire Dragon Slayer Magic:

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Dragon Force:

Celestial Spirit Magic:

  • Force Gate Closure:

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

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Keen Intellect:

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