Sam Fullbuster is a 17 year-old Ice-Make and Devil Slayer Mage of the Future Fairy Tail Guild, the only son of Ice-Make/Devil Slayer Future Gray Fullbuster and Future Juvia Lockser, and the brother of Jenny and Chiara Fullbuster.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Sam's most prominent feature are his father's signature short-spiked black hair, with a slight dark blue tint that is brushed away from his forehead, save for the few strands that go down his forehead, much like his father's. He also has dark blue eyes, his father's signature facial expression and face, and his body is muscular and toned with broad shoulders. He has black, tribal style tattoo's from his shoulder blades up to his upper arms, while also having his father's Devil Slayer tattoo mark on his right forearm, connecting to the tattoo on his said forearm. His dark blue Fairy Tail guild mark is on the ribcage near his back.

When he first appeared, Sam was shirtless, thus revealing his multiple tattoo marks. He does however, wears black, baggy cargo pants held by an aquamarine blue sash. He also wears a pair of lace-less leather boots with protective shin guards that reached to his knees. He also wears his father's silver, Heart Kreuz-shaped necklace around his neck.

Whenever Sam wears Celestial Spirit Armor granted to him by the Celestial Spirit Knight, he is completely clad in a full suit of armor from head to toe made from thick ice.


Much like his father, Sam has a cool, laid-back, and casual personality, but will get serious and level-headed when the situation calls for it. Otherwise, he's very rude and blunt, showing no qualms to argue with others based on the merit that they've been mindly insulted, not even showing tolerance when even his own dignity is targeted. Also, he inherited his father's stripping habbit of removing his clothes, even during battle.




Ice Devil Slayer Magic:

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Expert Weapons Specialist:

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Agility:

Enhanced Durability:

Keen Intellect:

Immense Magic Power:



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